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The Charlie Mike Podcast is about our Nations Combat Veteranpreneur’s talking about how they transformed their combat experience into a groundbreaking entrepreneurial success. We will discuss their experience in relation to what I have defined as their VisualReality; their personal vision of building a successful business leveraging their combat experience to bring the core strengths of a combat veteran into the entrepreneurial realm.
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Aug 28, 2017

Daniel Alarik was born in California moved to the Chicago area when he was a child. He joined the United States Army right after high school. Daniel met his wife and got married in 2008. Daniel and Elizabeth had their wonderful son, Ethan, a year later. Daniel transferred to the Reserves shortly afterwards to be with his family. Upon exiting active duty Daniel wondered how to continue the pride and patriotism that the Army provided. Daniel decided that wearing your pride and patriotism on your back was the best way and that was went Grunt Style was founded.

Aug 21, 2017

Andrew is a Special Forces Green Beret, Co-Founder and CEO of Warrior Angels Foundation, is on the leadership team of Warrior Soul, and Co-Host’s the Warrior Soul Podcast with Chris Albert. Andrew is married to Becky, the love of his life, and together they have five children.

Andrew's last deployment in 2013 was emotionally and physically taxing. He and his Special Forces team were engaged in constant combat throughout its entirety. Marr suffered numerous traumatic brain injuries from explosions, which resulted in his medical retirement.

Aug 14, 2017

Carter Davis is the founder of Lift For The 22 and was a US Navy Corpsman from 2007-2013. He was medically retired and found that using the gym is a great transitional tool for veterans when getting out of the service. Lift For The 22 partners with gyms across the country who domate gym memberships to the program to be redistributed back to local veterans. Lift For The 22 is now in 187 gyms nationwide and can provide over 3000 gym memberships to veterans a year.

Aug 7, 2017

Michael J. Penney is a Marine combat veteran of Ramadi, Iraq; Kajaki and Sangin, Afghanistan. He served with 3/7 weapons company deploying twice to Ramadi, Iraq in (2005/2006) and 2007. Reenlisting during his second tour, Michael transferred to Quantico to become an instructor. He is certified as a combat marksmanship coach, trainer and instructor trainer. He’s a formal school instructor, school trained designated marksman and foreign weapons instructor. In 2010 Michael deployed on a third combat tour, this time with 1st battalion 5th Marines, leading a section of advisors through Kajaki and Sangin Afghanistan. Having served in two wars in 8 years of service as an infantryman and weapons instructor, Michael left the Marine Corps as a Sergeant.

Now he is an entrepreneur and public speaker.

In 2015 Michael co-founded Cigars and Sea Stories, a podcast devoted to sharing stories with veterans who are adding value to the world. March of 2016 he presented at TEDx Raleigh,  “What’s Your IED: How to Add Value to During Life's Explosive Situations” - in an effort to bridge the life of veterans and civilians.

Having successfully navigated the transition from service member to veteran, Michael now supports fellow veterans seeking the entrepreneurial lifestyle. He currently works as program director for Bunker Labs RDU, calling upon his military experience to assess, train, advise, and assist veterans in business creation.